Xinan medicine

  The origin and development situation of xin an medicine

  After the tang dynasty, the huizhou culture began to prosper, the medicine also gradually appear. To the Ming and qing dynasties, doctors, of the excellent situation prevailing in the schools of thought contend. According to incomplete statistics, since the song dynasty to qing dynasty, a total of 466 doctors, 197 of them wrote 355 medical works, for the development of the motherland medicine has made a great contribution to my career.

  The development of xinan medicine, can be broadly divided into two periods.

  One, rise period. In tang dynasty, people rapidly Yang Xuancao ren and wu wei, comments on "difficult", is the three state wu cure too much to Lv Guang annotation "difficult" following up. And increased the west seven in the holy man guan huiming, lapping medicine, said & other; The holy man & throughout; . From song dynasty to god of the original good harvest years (1080-1276), the xin has a famous doctor 14 people, two people wrote three medical works. Rapidly Zhang Kuo (1054-1102? , from water in hubei Qi PangAn, then to sichuan to learning MaiJue wang Po, so the medical name. He died at the age of 49 years old, engaged in medical activities about 1080 & ndash; 1102 years. Zhang Kuo the learning transfer brother zhang, and the son zhang meng. Zhang wave in child Zhang Yanren again, following the spread in the sun Zhang Gao, AngCheng prone to teach more than 110 years, become the first generation of xinan famous doctor family. Zhang Gao well known for its officialdom, investigate heart medicine more than fifty years, in the southern song dynasty chunxi sixteen years (1189) wrote xinan first medical literature & ndash; & ndash; "Said 10 volumes. The book digg before the song dynasty in ancient medical books, the narrative from three to famous doctor in the tang dynasty more than 110 people in the clinical test, is also China's earliest existing medical history biography. Ming ` apocalypse three years (1623) : reprint, Tian Qiliang inventing for & other; Jane throughout the sea & cure a wood; . Since then, wuyuan who anger cheng qian (prescriptions tew), rapidly given the royal & other; D Po & other Huang Xiaotong, Hugh NingWu source, wuyuan, jiang cheng, Ma Xunzhong have emerged, such as the rise of xinan medicine was kicked off.

  In the yuan dynasty (1277 ~ 1367), a total of 12 people who, four people wrote 6 medical works. Rapidly academician BaoTongRen from "purport to tong yuan", "note", "experience stitch", wu in condensate from 27 rolls to disease are briefly, wuyuan cure too much Wang Guorui from "que should acupuncture jade dragon god through a roll (now are all imperial rare). In addition, Hugh better cure too much lift, deep turn, cheng county medical withdraw Fan Tianxi, professor of medicine at the horse shaw, Zhang Liangqing and qimen county name Xu Cuncheng etc, all have a well-known in.

  Ming to zhengde dynasty (1368-1521), there are famous doctor 21 people, including nine people wrote 11 medical works. Rapidly Cheng Hongbin have typhoid wing, Wang Yuan "protect the infant encyclopedia", Xu Ning "medical ethics" and so on. Hugh NingCheng JiCheng filling "Dan creek art" five volumes, happened in the xin Dan brook doctrine to great influence. Rapidly Cheng Jiejie file pine cliff diameter d, the medical theory highlights, the pulse method to indicate his brother Cheng Jie file too element pulse ", "experience", cure too much Liu Yangong yu hongzhi ten years (1497) "typhoid enchiridion" eleven volumes, xinan Liu Xi Yu Zhengde five years (1510) wrote "live young enchiridion, Hugh NingWu show loyalty from to have the medical weighing. In the more than one hundred and fifty years, xinan medicine during the song and yuan dynasties, with a little.

  Second, the heyday. Ming jiajing to the qing dynasty (1522 ~ 1911), xinan medicine has entered a period of comprehensive development. At that time the medical masters, writing. From Ming to qing dynasty (1522-1911), which has a famous doctor, 137 people, has 45 people wrote 96 medical works. Qimen county Wang Ji devoted her lifetime to study medicine, wrote the stone mountain basis ", "continued, asked chao", "medical principles, the principle of surgery patients", "acupuncture asked for 13 works such as 76 volume rapidly, and the river zygomatic into our country the first" people d class "12 volumes, the teacher Xu Wu Wu Kun pavilion wrote" the disease clear up a doubtful point ", "Yu Wu pavilion basis". In addition: Hugh NingFang wider "Dan creek art or" (1536), in 24 volumes of qimen county wang, official medical questions, the compendium MengQuan Chen Gumo, Xu Chunpu of the ancient and modern medical system of 100 volumes (1566), Hugh ning Sun Yikui over medical purport mio, chishui XuanZhu, "Sun Wenyuan basis", rapidly are holding the article on the bian "8 (1589), the Wu Kun" element asked wu note "24 (1594) and" pulse language ", "medical reigned, the prescriptions to take an examination of, and" the medical principle of "30 volumes of wuyuan Jiang Shitu," Dan brook invention "five volumes, etc. A large number of medical literature, electrified xinan medicine.

  From the perspective of the qing dynasty (1644 ~ 1911), xinan doctor further carry out the academic schools of thought contend. Doctors have sprung up in these 268 years, 281 people, 136 people wrote 239 medical literature. Famous doctor Cheng Jingtong, process should be continuous, solemnly, cloud, light Wang Ang, Cheng Guopeng, Zheng Haijian, Cheng Xingxuan, wang cymbals, Xu Yu and waiting. Many medical works has certain influence all over the country, its content has a medical classic annotations, theory, diagnosis, and luck theory, the formulas and inside and outside, wife, son, after the injury, and eye, acupuncture, massage and other departments, and all have, xinan medical history appeared in a brilliant period.

  Wang Ji, Wu Qian respectively was regarded as one of four medical in Ming and qing. Xu Chunpu of ancient and modern medical system ", Cheng Xingxuan "d" and so on, has been listed as China's top ten ancient medical works.

  Wang Ji proposed & other; Tuned up, thrift throughout school &; Medical thought, created the xinan medicine & other; School sent & throughout; Precedent. Hang down the sides have hold that zhang zhongjing "treatise on febrile diseases", which is a long time, when there is a beginning, use up more than 20 years of effort, seek clue, from article on Victoria, called & other; Beginning to send & throughout; Of the group. Throat section name Zheng Meijian father and son with nourishing Yin of refrigerant, treatment of diphtheria, created the larynx family medical history & other Yin refrigerant sent & throughout; . Xu Chun pudong development of organization & other; Medical home people & throughout; , is China's earliest medical academic groups. These achievements in xinan medicine as well as in the inheritance and development of the whole traditional Chinese medicine, has played a big role.

  Complete xinan medicine specialist, passed from generation to generation, form many & other; Family chain & throughout; , up to now. As started in the southern song dynasty & other; D Po & throughout; Huang Xiaotong & other; Huang of department of gynaecology & throughout; 25, has been the world, there is no lack of people, also continues today in the Ming dynasty founded Yu Wu pavilion and Wu Zhenglun & other; Internal medicine & throughout; Wang Xuejian, qing dynasty founding of xinan wang medicine, zheng feng, zheng Yu Fan founding & other; Throughout south garden hose division &; , & other West park throat section & throughout; And so on. These specialized subject, rich content, unique experience, has important status in the history of TCM development. As the xinan medical gaiden, but also to Japan, Korea and southeast Asian countries has played a positive role of medical development.

  Xinan medicine major works: "d say" hao from rapidly in song dynasty and the people, the xin medical classics.

  "Eye treasure book" Ming dynasty famous medical Cheng Jie (rapidly).

  The rocky mountain basis "in the Ming dynasty Wang Ji qimen county (county).

  And the famous doctor in class (first summarized all previous dynasties basis monograph in China), "Ben MengQuan", "ShenZhai letter", "ancient and modern medical system, and so on.

  A, the earliest existing carrying a large number of writing of medical history & ndash; & ndash; Zhang Gao and "said"

  Rapidly JiMing Zhang Gao, word, the southern song dynasty and the people the granduncle Zhang Kuo trained Yu Pang Ann, zoe zhang, parent teacher zhang meng all industry. Zhang Gao practice more than fifty years, in order to carry forward the porch cheep and ancient famous doctor, the ancient healer, collection basis for "d say" published in 1189. Within ten volumes, is a book 47 door, general doctors more than 110 people. In the first seven door for books, Syria, such as acupuncture, consultation, six points of mixed card door, a woman, my second sores and three WuJue, bi hernia, and to the medical work reward JuanMo. Attached comments, I practice, based on the rich. Also contains the ancient prescription some not too openly, to preserve and spread plays a role in ancient medical books. Although before Zhang Gao GanBoZong's biography of the famous doctor in the tang dynasty, but the book has been lost, therefore, "said" is China's earliest existing contains a large number of medical history biography and medical books, the historical data is also the first relatively complete xinan medicine works. With the east, north Korea Reese Wang Chaocheng fifteen years (AD 1488) was published, Japan than for two years (AD 1659) appeared. So the doctor said, "is also the first foreign xinan writings.

  Second, the first note of dielectric prescriptions of monographs & ndash; & ndash; Wu Kun and "prescriptions on"

  Mountain just Wu Kun, word, nicknamed the crane gao mountain man, rapidly in the Ming dynasty and the people. At the age of 15 from rapidly yujiashan Yu Wu pavilion to study medicine. In 16 years, realized by the ancients ChengFangZhi regurgitated disease, not only doesn't curative effect, and easy to mistakenly disease stirred, with Cuba must grasp Fang Yihe add and subtract in the specification. So & other; Take his good side of more than seven hundred first, Daniel is to the classics, action in order to the card, mind, and its fine, made up of six volumes, every twenty door, the topic of the yue throughout the prescriptions test.